Tuesday, January 30, 2007

End Times #3

End Times
In times that are uncertain anyone would dwell on the positive. The world is changing, and for what it will become, that is not for us to decide. In life, peoples pursuit of things takes hold firmly after adolescents and continue well on into adulthood. This springs off many other side shoots of dependence and a need to cling to thing that will not have them heaving them self off of a cliff or something, well that my friend is a hobby. “Idle hands are the devil play thing” that statement stands true today, with our nonstop way of life and this ongoing drive that pushes us all in to oblivion, we should feel lucky that at least there will be free time in between.Going into antiquity there has always been pastimes, not all of them being sporting matters. This class of person whom seeks out solitude in the pursuit of some non-sporting affairs was quickly dubbed “dork”. This title has been handed down from generation to generation, father to son and so on, its lineages can be traced back to the dawn of man. In the list of utter uselessness the “nerd” comes next. This is yet another of branch of the dorkeus sapien family tree, their need for fantasy, sci-fi, and role-playing is what sets them apart. For they are left to imagine the other side, the other half if you will, self imprisoned in their dimly lit living room world, half circle low kick all day, numbers wore of all the dice, that faint smell of inhaler and eczema all a wash in some basement some where. This can be caught early in life and with the right treatment stamped out.Freewill does come into count, anyone can advance from one stage to another, the key is exposure. You have to limit yourself on how many “get her done” and “gag me with a spoon” you can have in your life. Youthamism are just that, for the youth to use, no honest adult should fall for the MTV trappings. And just like gambler with playing cards in the house you have to clean house. Throw out the product placement junk you have, go outside experience life and in all the confusion, all the mess, your true self will come out and then and only then can you have a more well rounded life. And in time, you to might end up with something you love a hobby or interest you enjoy and will take with you for the rest of your life. We as people, as flawed people, need something to fill our cracks, hang on to what you love, give all you got, and don’t let any one tell you otherwise.

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Gwen said...

Seriously? You think the word is "youthamism"? Or is that a euphemism for euphemism?

Btw, you made the "eggcorn database" for your use of this incorrect term.